Taylor Morrice Yoga

Taylor Morrice

. love lives forever.

In my life I wish to choose happiness always, to be utterly honest with myself, fall in love over and over again and to spread kindness to everyone I interact with. 

I live for wine nights with my girls where we laugh until we cry and share the messiest of stories. My life revolves around my love for yoga and I try to live in my complete truth, with love, always. My frenchies, Sophie and Hamlet, are my world. I am married to the best man ever, he is my biggest supporter and my favourite human. I love being in bed all day, red wine, yoga, ALL the animals (except spiders, but I am learning to accept their creepy ways..), F.r.i.e.n.d.s., getting lost in James Patterson books, Osho, beaches, early mornings, the sun and the moon, smiling humans, pizza, chocolate & love.  

Teaching yoga has become such a natural process in my life. I am obsessed with all the yogi's that come and practice and could not imagine doing anything else with my life. For me, practicing and teaching are such incredibly different entities and yet without them both I would be lost.

I will always choose the thing that lights my soul on fire.